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Nordic Trading Briefing 2015



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Event Welcome: FIX Trading Community – Supporting the Nordic Market

This session will update delegates on the recent and current FIX Trading Community initiatives both taking place in the Nordics and also affecting the region


The Current Landscape in the European Financial Markets - the impact on the Nordics region 

Keynote speaker- Günther Mårder, Savings Economist, Nordnet Bank AB 


What’s next for the Nordics? Views from across the market

Following on from the morning keynote speaker this session will get the views of market participants working and doing business in the region. The session will explore:

last year’s session that outlined the current state of the market and expected future changes this session will look to review and evaluate if those expected changes happened, whilst also looking ahead at electronic trading:

- The future of electronic trading
- How has the market changed - for good or for bad?
- With fewer ISV’s in the market- How does this affect the Nordic market?
- Consolidation in the region - What is the affect of restructuring of vendors in the region?

Fredrik Hjorth, Co-Chair Nordic Subcommittee, FIX Trading Community, Managing Director, Tradeflow AB

Martin Andersson, Head of Capital Markets, Nordnet Bank AB
Veronica Augustsson, Partner and CEO, Cinnober Financial Technology AB
Peter Fredriksson, CEO, Baymarkets AB
Jesper Alfredsson, Program Management Office, ORC Group AB


Regulatory session

Regulation is a constant factor in how firms operate and run day-to-day. With an increase in pressure for firms to comply with regulatory demands, this session will explore the latest requirements needed from firms. Areas to be reviewed include:

- MiFID II- How it impacts the Nordic region
- The effects and implementations
- Licensing and standardisation


Fredrik Hjorth, Co-Chair Nordic Subcommittee, FIX Trading Community, Managing Director, Tradeflow AB
Kerstin Hermansson, Managing Director, Swedish Securities Dealers Association


Lunch Break and Networking


Stream 1

Stream 2


Unbundling - Update

The latest changes in MiFID II / MiFIR will likely prohibit the provision of research paid for by trading commissions which could have a significant impact on asset managers. This session will explore the current status of unbundling and discuss:

- What is the status in the Nordic region?
- Is the Nordic model already compliant with MiFID II?
- Payment solutions after MiFID II - CSAs or alternatives?
- What services will be allowed to be paid through    commissions?
- Research payments - VAT or not? 


Johan Aronsson, Management Consultant, Tradeflow AB

Gustaf Frisk, Compliance Officer, Merchant Banking, SEB
Anita Karppi, Managing Director, K&K Global Consulting Ltd
Hans Lindh, Head of Execution, Swedbank Robur Fonder AB
Ulrika Robertsson, Execution specialist, KCG

Bond Markets - Death by transparency?

Whilst bond markets require a certain level of transparency to function effectively and efficiently, too much transparency can cause the market to suffer and in some cases even reduce participation. This session will seek to explore the bond market in relation to:

- The Nordic view on pre-trade and post-trade exceptions
- The level and type of transparency needed to take into account the different characteristics of the asset classes
- Europe has many different economies, only one of which is Euro
- How has Italy become the role model and can its model be transferred?


Tom Britton, Director, Tradeweb


Stefan Ericson, CFA Portfolio Manager, Pareto Asset Management
Sara Mitelman, Senior Legal Advisor, Swedish Securities Dealers Association
Bodil Østby, Senior Vice President Fixed Income, Oslo Bors ASA
Richard Skogsfors, Head of Credit Trading, Swedbank


FIX – Why you should care!


Jim Kaye, Director & Co-Chair of the Global Steering Committee, FIX Trading Community, Director of Execution Services, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

The challenges to the Nordic FX market 

With the recent FX scandal and talk on how best to reform the industry, this panel discusses the future of the FX market and what it might look like. Points for discussion include:

- Exchange-traded FX – Fad or future?
- What does central clearing mean for the FX market?
- What is next for the Nordic currency markets?

Pontus Tidell, Solutions Sales Consultant, Thomson Reuters

David Holcombe, Senior Managing Director, Head of FX, Nasdaq OMX
Svante Hedin, Global Head of FX Trading and Ecommerce, SEB
Peter Warren, Founder, Moorgate Ltd AS


Afternoon Break and Networking


The Future of block trading

Block trading is becoming a thing of the past and many questions are raised over its future in the electronic trading space. This panel seeks to debate current issues around block trading. Topics include:

- For which asset classes is block trading relevant today?
- How can pre-trade transparency be implemented to allow price formation for block trading?
- Is block trading at all relevant today for equities, when sophisticated execution algos and SOR can detect liquidity and achieve best execution?
- What is the future of brokers in the facilitation of block trading? From providers of risk capital to providers of technology?
- Block trading in a post-MiFID II environment. Death of dark-pools and proliferation of large in size pools?
- Pure buy-side to buy-side block crossing pools. Fantasy or a reality that will soon materialise?

Kristian Karppi, Managing Director, K&K Global Consulting

Duncan Higgins, Managing Director, Head of Electronic Sales in EMEA, ITG
Dave Howson, COO, Bats Chi-X Europe
Daniel Lunqvist, Head of Execution, ABG Sundal Collier
Mauro Romano, Institutional European Business Development Manager Equities and Derivatives Markets, London Stock Exchange Group

The changing Nordic trading technology landscape

2015 will be a busy year from a trading technology perspective and the Nordic community will be impacted by a host of changes that will soon be required by the introduction of MiFID II. This session will highlight some of the issues that will need to be tackled and offer some implementation suggestions and ideas touching on the related technologies. Some of the issues that will be discussed are: 

  • MIFID II- The focus on compliance, best-execution, transparency, liquidity and market data fragmentation/costs
  • Electronisation of OTC assets and its consequences-  What can be learned from the Equity experience?

The session will also offer an update on the work carried out by the High Performance Working Group subgroup.




Rolf Andersson, Co-Chair High Performance Working Group- FIX Adapted for Streaming Subgroup, FIX Trading Community, CEO, Pantor
Sacha Fellica, Global Product Manager, Sales and Trading, Bloomberg L.P.


How to hack an exchange

Recent hacks of Bitcoin services and trading venues have revealed the vulnerability of financial exchanges to cyber-attack and in some cases have raised questions of the motivations behind the attackers. This session will seek to explore the cyber security landscape and its potential weaknesses in existing systems.


Morten Lindeman, Co-Chair Nordic Subcommittee, FIX Trading Community, CTO and Co-Founder, Infront AS
Mikael Simovits, CEO and Senior Security Consultant, Simovits Consulting AB


To embrace the unknown - Change, creativity and curiosity

Johnny Sundin, Motivational Keynote Speaker about Creativity and Curious Thinking, Tankefabriken AB


Closing speech


Networking Drinks


2015 Keynote Speaker:


Günther Mårder, Savings Economist, Nordnet Bank AB

Savings Economist (Sparekonom) at Nordnet Bank. Former CEO of the The Swedish Shareholders' Association. Becoming CEO of The Swedish Federation of Business Owners.

Acting as spokesperson of Nordnet Bank. Responsible for all questions that are related to the private investors. The role combines the function of a chief economist, a stock strategist and an economic advisor.

Active on Twitter:

And writes blogposts frequently:

The Swedish Federation of Business Owners, is the largest business organisation in Sweden representing the interests of around 70 000 business owners. We are an independent, nonpartisan organisation owned by its members.



Johnny Sundin, Motivational Keynote Speaker about Creativity and Curious Thinking, Tankefabriken AB

Johnny Sundin grew up in one of the most intense and entrepreneurial corners of Europe – Sweden! The exciting land of vikings in the north - where the Nobel Prize were founded and with companies and brands like Volvo, Spotify, IKEA, Minecraft, Ericsson, TetraPak, H&M and ABBA… In this environment - and with a background as a consultant in event, media and communication - Johnny have developed, hosted and participated in a lot of company-events, TV-shows, seminars and conferences. Today Johnny Sundin is one of Sweden’s most popular Keynote Speakers.

2015 Speakers will include:


Jesper AlfredssonProgram Management Office, ORC Group AB


Martin Andersson, Head of Capital Markets,  Nordnet Bank AB

14 years in financial industry sector. Former broker and head of trading.

Current as Head of Transaction Services, specializing in strategy, local and global intelligence within securities trading. Which covers challenges in technical infrastructure solutions, regulations, cost awareness and market expertise.


Rolf Andersson, Co-Chair High Performance Working Group- FIX Adapted for Streaming Subgroup, FIX Trading Community, CEO, Pantor Engineering AB

Rolf Andersson is the CEO of Pantor Engineering. He was one of the original architects of the FAST Protocol and he serves as a co-chair of the Fix Trading Community  Market Data Optimization working group. He is currently involved in several protocol development initiatives, within the Fix Trading Community  High Performance working group, the Market Data Optimization working group as well as the Blink Protocol ( Pantor Engineering ( provides trading systems for high performance, ultra-low latency Algorithmic Trading and Direct Market Access.


Johan Aronsson, Management Consultant, Tradeflow AB

Johan works with advisory and project management assignments within trading systems, sales and marketing issues. Johan has been head of Nordic Sales at Orc Software and held various sales and marketing roles at the Stockholm Stock Exchange. He initially joined the financial industry at the marketing department at OM Stockholm (Stockholm derivatives exchange, today part of NasdaqOMX). Johan has a degree in Economics supplemented with derivatives trading and portfolio management. 


Veronica Augustsson, Partner and CEO, Cinnober Financial Technology AB

Veronica Augustsson is Chief Executive Officer of Cinnober Financial Technology, the leading independent provider of sophisticated solutions for demanding trading and clearing venues around the world. Augustsson has more than ten years’ experience within the company. She has held a number of key positions and prior to becoming CEO, she was Head of Sales. Augustsson holds a Master’s Degree in computer engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm.

Cinnober develops high-tech financial solutions that are tailored to handle high-volume transactions with assured functionality and low latency. Among the customers are Australian Securities Exchange, BM&FBOVESPA, Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange, London Metal Exchange, Johannesburg Stock Exchange and Stock Exchange of Thailand. The clients rely on Cinnober’s platform-independent, Java based technology for leveraging change quickly and cost-effectively.

Tom Britton, Director, Tradeweb

Tom Britton is a director at Tradeweb, responsible for building strong sell-side relationships across trading, sales, business and technology functions in the electronic fixed income and derivatives markets. Since joining Tradeweb in April 2004, Tom has managed both operational and product business lines, launched new business functions and developed an in-depth knowledge of bond and derivatives markets in Europe, Asia and the US.             


Stefan Ericson, CFA Portfolio Manager, Pareto Asset Management

Stefan has worked at Pareto as a portfolio manager for Pareto Global Corporate Bond Fund since 2014; a Fixed income/credit fund.  Pareto Forvaltning AS has approximately NOK 50bn under management and of that fixed income and credits consist of NOK 17bn.

Prior to Pareto Stefan worked as a portfolio manager at Carnegie Fonder AB and Head of Fixed Income and Credits

Prior to Carnegie Stefan worked at Investor AB in the Treasury department managing asset liability management, the liquidity portfolio, FX trading and debt management of Investor and non- listed holdings.  

Stefan has worked in New York for 10 years at SEB running the funding desk and a mortgage portfolio. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst since 2003.

Stefan holds an MBA (Finance and Investment track) from University of Alabama at Birmingham.


Sacha Fellica, Global Product Manager, Sales and Trading, Bloomberg L.P

Sacha Fellica is responsible for the global product strategy, development and delivery of cross-assets solutions for Bloomberg’s Electronic Trading Platform. Sacha’s particularly focuses on leveraging the power of market data and comingling it in innovative ways with order content and analytics. Sacha is also responsible for the development strategy of key products that are part of the Bloomberg Professional Service suite focussing on the Sales and Trading community. Prior to this role Sacha spent 4 years selling Bloomberg’s electronic trading solutions such as EMSX, the Bloomberg IOIs and FIX Network, the Bloomberg TCA suite and its trading API covering, amongst others, the Nordic region in Europe along with key buy-side and sell-side clients in the UK.

Before joining Bloomberg Sacha was at Citi in London where he joined in 2007 as a graduate as part Citi’s Equity Electronic Trading Product Development team. In this role Sacha was responsible for the expansion of Citi’s EMEA Connectivity, Algo and DMA suite and the creation of innovative liquidity solutions focussing on high frequency trading executions.

Sacha holds a first class bachelor degree in Software Engineering and a Masters in Finance and Investment from CASS Business School. 


Peter Fredriksson, CEO, Baymarkets AB

Peter Fredriksson is CEO and co-founder of Baymarkets, a Swedish company providing trading platforms for OTC markets, MTF’s, SEF’s, Exchanges, Banks and Brokers.

Peter has an extensive background in the financial markets with experience from the financial markets since 1987; 

- Broker with Dean Witter Reynolds in Toronto specializing in derivatives on fixed income and metals. 

- Founder of Risk Management Systems AB (RMS) which provided analysis systems and financial markets databases primarily to the Nordic financial market. RMS was acquired by the OMX Group, where Peter was Managing Director for OMX/RMS, managing RMS, and working with OMX business and product development. 

- Sales and Marketing Director at Cinnober.

- CEO of Cscreen Ltd, the leading platform for OTC trading of equity derivatives, now owned by NYSE Euronext.liffe.


Gustaf Frisk, Compliance Officer, Merchant Banking, SEB

SEB - Compliance Officer, Merchant Banking       August 2011 – present

+ participant in the Swedish Securities Dealers’ Association’s Compliance group, and a number of the Association’s and the Swedish FSA’s (i.e. Finansinspektionen’s) reference groups (on short selling, FTT, market abuse, MiFID 2)

Neonet Securities AB – General Counsel                               February 2005 – August 2011

Stockholm Stock Exchange – Legal Counsel                          January 2002 – February 2005

OM AB (now part of NASDAQ) – Legal Counsel  April 2000 – January 2002

Hökerberg & Söderqvist Law Firm – Associate    October 1998 – April 2000


Queen Mary & Westfield College, University of London – Master of Laws in Banking and Finance Law, 1997-1998

Uppsala University – Master of Laws, Securities Markets Law, 1992-1997

University of California, San Diego, 1991-1992


Svante Hedin, Global Head of FX Trading and Ecommerce, SEB 

Svante Hedin is global head of currencies trading and ecommerce at SEB Merchant Bank, with overall responsibility for the bank's market-making and flow trading activities as well as its electronic client offering. With original background in digital X-ray imaging, leading into financial engineering, most recently prior to joining SEB in Stockholm in 2013 he was Managing Director and global head of FX ecommerce trading for J.P. Morgan, based in London, with overall responsibility for the bank's electronic FX trading franchise. He currently lives in Stockholm with his family.

Kerstin Hermansson, Managing DirectorSwedish Securities Dealers Association

Kerstin Hermansson is the managing director of the Swedish Securities Dealers Association (SSDA) since 2006. SSDA represents the common interest of the Swedish investment banks and firms. She has worked as a lawyer and compliance manager in the Swedish securities market since 1985 always with a focus on legislation related to the securities markets. She has been part of several governmental commissions (e.g. MiFID I and the Swedish Agency Act). SSDA co-operate closely with the other Nordic securities dealers associations and is active both on the European arena (via EBF and EFSA) and globally (ICSA).


Duncan Higgins, Managing Director, Head of Electronic Sales in EMEA, ITG

Duncan Higgins is Head of Electronic Sales at ITG. Duncan joined ITG in January 2010 and is responsible for the sales of algorithmic execution, electronic liquidity access products and Triton EMS to European clients. Prior to ITG, Duncan spent two years at Turquoise and nine years at UBS.  At Turquoise, Duncan led the sales and marketing teams from the inception of the company through to the sale to London Stock Exchange.  During his time at UBS Duncan held a variety of roles in the Equities division, finishing his tenure as an Executive Director within European Client Trading & Execution. Duncan represented UBS on the board of BOAT and executive committee of Turquoise.  Duncan has a Bachelor of Medical Sciences degree from the University of Southampton.


Fredrik Hjorth, Co-Chair Nordic Subcommittee, FIX Trading Community, Managing Director, Tradeflow AB

Fredrik has been working in the industry since 1987. Before setting up his own operation he has worked for more than five years at Orc Software where he had successively been responsible for Nordic Sales as well as for Strategic Alliances. 

Prior to this Fredrik has worked within leading Swedish banks managing back office systems, CTO as well as responsible for running an online broker. 

He had accumulated extensive experience in how to design solutions for trading, order management and order routing across Europe with a focus on integrations and order handling from front to back office, including regulatory issues within the EU as well as open standards such as FIX integrations and order handling from front to back office, including regulatory issues within the EU as well as open standards such as FIX.

Fredrik is one of the co-chairs of the FIX Trading Community Nordic Working Group.


David Holcombe, Senior Managing Director, Head of FX, Nasdaq OMX

As Senior Managing Director, David is leading the charge to launch a toolkit of Nasdaq FX products and services allowing members to evolve their FX businesses in order to survive and thrive in the dramatically changing FX landscape.   His background in single dealer distribution and the electronification of OTC markets is evident throughout the Nasdaq FX trading and FX clearing opportunities.


Dave Howson, COO, BATS Chi-X Europe

David Howson joined BATS Chi-X Europe as chief operating officer in June 2013. He brings more than 15 years’ experience in European and North American financial markets technology to oversee BATS Chi-X Europe’s software engineering, infrastructure and operational teams. 

Most recently, Mr. Howson was chief technology officer at Equiduct Systems Ltd., where he was one of the founders responsible for establishing Equiduct in 2006 as a pan-European Regulated Market. Mr. Howson spearheaded the design and implementation of the company’s technology platform and market structure and was responsible for technology strategy, market structure and post-trade services.


Anita Karppi, Managing Director, K&K Consulting Ltd

K&KGC was founded by Anita Karppi in 2007, with the focus on delivering consulting services within the global securities industry. The Alpha Trader Forum (ATF), private and exclusive buy side debates, were launched in 2010 in London. The ATF has since expanded with great success in Europe and Anita was asked to open the market at the London Stock Exchange in January 2013, as part of the first Alpha Trader Forum European Summit. Prior to this Anita worked at companies such as Reuters Business Insight, Goldman Sachs Asset Management and FlexTrade. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) ‘European Business Programme’ from the University of Portsmouth and ‘Titulo Superior en Administracion de Empresas’ from the Camera de Comercio in Madrid, Spain. Anita was nominated one of the ‘30 ones to watch’ by the Brummell Magazine in May 2013. Brummell celebrated the tremendous talent coming through in the financial services sector. From a wide range of nominations, they asked their expert panel to select 30 men and women under 40 who have the potential to rise to the top. They have all demonstrated a high level of skill, energy and ambition, contributing to industry change and supporting and inspiring others


Kristian Karppi, Managing Director, K&K Consulting Ltd

Kristian Karppi is responsible for K&KGC’s buy-side research, operations and portal since 2013. He joined K&KGC in 2010 in a consultative capacity to launch of the Alpha Trader Forum (ATF) services for the European equity buy side community and full time as of 2013 to support the expansion of the ATF services into Germany, Asia, Fixed Income and Foreign Exchange. Kristian has 15 years of prior experience, receiving multiple awards for his contribution in business management, launching emerging technologies in the EMEA and APAC markets, for companies such as Compaq/Hewlett Packard, Dell Inc., Toshiba Computer Systems, Symantec, PGP Corporation and Trustwave Holdings. Kristian has a Bachelor of Science in Finance and Business Administration from Mälardalens University, Sweden.


Jim Kaye, Director & Co-Chair of the Global Steering Committee, FIX Trading Community, Director of Execution Services, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Jim Kaye is the Product Development Manager for the European Execution Services business at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Prior to joining Merrill Lynch, Jim spent eight years at Goldman Sachs as the European product manager for the REDIPlus EMS. Before that, he worked at UBS firstly as a project manager in equity operations, then as product development manager for the electronic execution business.

Jim has been involved in FIX since 2001. He chaired the Allocations Working Group during the FIX 4.4 design phase, resulting in a comprehensive extension of and update to the post-trade capabilities of the FIX protocol. He is currently co-chair of the EMEA Business Practices Subcommittee and Trade Data Standardisation Working Group, working on best practice business and data standards for various aspects of FIX usage, risk management and the European consolidated tape.


Morten Lindeman, Co-Chair Nordic Subcommittee, FIX Trading Community, CTO and Co-Founder, Infront AS

Morten Lindeman has experience in the financial/IT industry from Falcon and Reuters. He developed consumer applications and distribution systems for real-time information. He is a specialist in market data and trading systems. Morten founded Infront together with Kristian Nesbak in 1998.


Hans Lindh, Head of Execution, Swedbank Robur Fonder AB

Head of Execution, Equity, Fixed income and FX and Index funds and Beta mandates 1997-present . Worked for Handelsbanken as Equity sales and head of International equity sales 1985-1993. Equity sales at Merrill Lynch based in London from 1994 until 2001, heading up equity sales effort to the Nordic region 1995-2001. 

Daniel Lunqvist, Head of Execution, ABG Sundal Collier

Sara Mitelman, Senior Legal Advisor, Swedish Securities Dealers Association

Sara Mitelman currently works as a lawyer at the Swedish Securities Dealers Association, SSDA. She closely follows MiFID II/MiFIR and other regulatory developments of relevance to investment firms operating in Sweden. Sara is responsible for co-ordinating non-equity issues in MiFID II/MiFIR within the Nordic Securities Association, NSA. She has also participated as expert in the Swedish Inquiry for implementing MiFID II (Värdepappersmarknadsutredningen).

Before joining the SSDA, Sara worked as a lawyer at the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority working with MiFID I and UCITS/AIFMD. Before that she worked several years as an associate at Mannheimer Swartling Advokatbyrå. In addition to her Swedish law degree, Sara has studied international business law in London and EU law in Paris. 


Bodil Østby, Senior Vice President Fixed Income, Olso Bors ASA

Bodil Cathrine Østby is Senior Vice President Fixed Income on Oslo Børs.  She has been employed since 1990, having positions primarily within fixed income, strategy and product development.


Ulrika Robertsson, Execution Specialist, KCG 

Ulrika Robertsson is responsible for expanding the company’s client base of institutional and sell-side firms in German-speaking markets and the Nordic region across KCG’s platforms for trading equities, bonds and FX. She has more than ten years of experience in the financial services industry with a specialty in electronic trading, including client acquisition, relationship management and the development of innovative trading solutions.

Ulrika joined in October 2013 as part of KCG’s efforts to further expand in Europe.  Prior to joining KCG, she was a consultant at Pohjola Asset Management Execution Services, responsible for promoting and enhancing the firm’s trading platform, Smart Order Router and transaction cost analysis. Previously, she spent four years at Goldman Sachs where she headed up electronic sales for Nordic and German-speaking clients, including institutional investors, hedge funds, and broker-dealers. She also held roles at UBS and SimCorp, a Danish financial software company.

Ulrika holds a Masters degree in Science of International Economics from Lund University, Sweden.

Mauro Romano, Institutional European Business Development Manager, London Stock Exchange Group

Mauro Romano is Business Development Manager for London Stock Exchange Group. Mauro is responsible for developing client relationship in Europe across London Stock Exchange and Turquoise markets. Mauro joined London Stock Exchange Group in June 2010.

Prior to joining the Group, he worked for Activtrades where he led the sales trading team and developed his expertise selling and trading across various markets and asset classes. Mauro’s prior experience was at Bank of New York Mellon and ABN Amro Bank. 

He graduated in international economy and holds a postgraduate degree in quantitative finance from Bocconi University in Milan.


Mikael Simovits, CEO and Senior Security Consultant,  Simovits Consulting AB

Mikael Simovits has been working as an IT- and information security consultant since 1994. He has been working in the financial sector with settlement systems and other types of financial systems where he has conducted many technical security audits and designed security mechanisms in business critical systems


Rickard Skogsfors, Global Head of Credit Trading, Swedbank AB

Rickard Skogsfors has spent almost 20 years in the Nordic Fixed Income industry. Both on the buyside as a Credit portfolio manager and on the sell side within Credit Trading.  Rickard currently holds a position as Global Head of Credit Trading and Head of Credit products at Swedbank Large Corporates & Institutions.


Pontus Tidell, Solutions Sales Consultant, Thomson Reuters

Pontus is an Enterprise Solutions Sales Specialist at Thomson Reuters (Nordic, Baltics and Netherlands). Pontus has experience within market data, electronic trading, machine readable news, cloud and co-lo solutions. Within FX, Pontus has been involved with rolling out e-FX singlebank and multibank portals, interbank Dealing, Thomson Reuters Matching (ECN), Prime Brokerage, Liquidity Aggregation, DMA and STP solutions.


Peter Warren, Founder, Moorgate Ltd AS

Peter Warren runs and owns Moorgate Ltd AS 

2002-2014 CIO at Warren Capital where I managed the firm's global macro fund (Fourth Moment) and Warren Short Term Trading (CTA). The funds won the Nordic Hedge Award 2013, Best Nordic CTA 2013 & 2012, plus two other awards.

1996-2002 Chief Dealer & Head of Proprietary Trading at Finansbanken

1987-1996 Options Market Maker & CEO at Moorgate Options.

1981-1987 Head of Research at Vogt & Vogt Bourseanalysis

1980-1981 Secretary of the Stock Exchange, Oslo Stock Exchange

Total of 35 years of trading experience, 13 of these as an options market maker (equities foreign exchange). Started the Norwegian Equity Options Market in 1987, built the first database on Norwegian equity prices in 1981.    




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ITG is an independent execution and research broker partnering with global portfolio managers and traders throughout the investment process, from investment decision through to settlement.  With our launch of the POSIT® crossing network in 1987, we founded ITG with a strong commitment to empower buyside investors.  And over the years, we've continued to deepen that commitment by creating a powerful network of intellectual capital, true industry experience, and market-leading technology to offer the unmatched insights that help clients generate and preserve alpha.

With 15 offices in 9 countries and multi-asset capabilities that support the needs of large equity portfolios, we combine the power of global reach with the precision of local vision.  Bringing together market-leading tools and unmatched expertise, we have helped clients understand market trends, improve performance, mitigate risk, and navigate increasingly complex markets.


Orc is the global market leader in trading technology for listed derivatives. We serve the trading and electronic execution needs of premier institutions worldwide, who rely on Orc to stay ahead in increasingly dynamic and competitive markets. Building on our commitment to long term partnerships and technology innovation that delivers result, our next-generation app-based trading platform empowers professional traders and market makers.

With 200 customers in more than 30 countries, access to over 150 trading venues and offices in each of the world’s key financial centers, we offer true global capabilities.

Combining our technology and financial industry expertise, including a solid understanding of regulatory issues, Orc also provides expert advice and services that help reduce complexity and cost, while enabling clients to stay focused on value creation in their core businesses.

Orc is owned by Orc Group Holding AB which in turn is majority-owned mainly by Nordic Capital Fund VII.


TradingScreen is the leading independent provider of liquidity, trading, and investment technology via SaaS to the financial community. TradingScreen’s goal is to simplify the complexity of markets, by consolidating all investment workflows for exchange-traded and OTC instruments on a single platform. TradingScreen brings the major, global sell-side participants, leading regional brokers and the largest Buy side firms to a common environment, delivering market access, order- and liquidity-management and Investment services. The benefit to clients is an exceptional reach across counterparties, asset classes, and geography, and a full integration of services front to back. TradingScreen provides global coverage from offices in Boston, Chicago, Geneva, Hong Kong, London, New York, Paris, São Paulo, Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo. For more information on TradingScreen, go to


Ullink is a global provider of trading software and services specializing in high touch, low touch and connectivity solutions for market participants.  For over fourteen years, Ullink’s clients have benefitted from consistent, reliable access to the most current and innovative technology available in the industry. Clients choose Ullink for its modular, scalable front and middle-office solutions, across all asset classes, encompassing low latency, pre-trade risk, algorithmic, high frequency and direct market access (DMA) trading. Ullink’s menu of solutions enables banks and brokers to rapidly achieve compliance with exchanges and regulatory regimes around the globe, with the flexibility of being deployed via the UL NET global routing network, or as a fully-hosted and managed service. Privately held, Ullink services its clients, including top-tier global financial institutions, from offices in New York, London, Paris, Hong Kong, Tokyo, São Paulo, Cluj, Sydney, Singapore and Manila.

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CameronTec Group is the global standard in financial messaging infrastructure and tools for the Capital Markets industry that today powers the largest user base among financial institutions. Uniquely positioned as a software and service provider for enterprise, hosted and managed platforms, our dedicated professional services team ensures optimal integration and deployment performance.

CameronTec’s flagship offering Catalys is underpinned by market-leading connectivity technology and engineered on the widely acknowledged standard in FIX engines, CameronFIX. Catalys Market Access offers FIX-powered gateways to more than 60 equity, derivative and FX markets across the globe, as a locally deployed or managed / hosted service. Complementary FIX integration, testing, on boarding and management solutions including VeriFIX, FIX Conductor and FIX Technician CTS, build out an end-to-end global connectivity offering for any electronic trading environment, using or migrating to FIX and proprietary protocols.

CameronTec’s solutions are tested and trusted by the world’s best firms in over 50 countries, on all five continents, representing the broadest cross section of tier 1 and 2 investment banks, brokers, fund managers, exchanges, regulators, and members of the ISV community.











This event will be held in the centre of Stockholm at the Berns Hotel.

Berns Hotel

Berzelii Park, Post Box 16340, 10327, Stockholm

+46 8 566 322 00





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 Global Trading

The GlobalTrading Journal is the premier global educational publication for the electronic trading industry and the FIX Trading Community's official journal since 2002. Drawn from the industry, GlobalTrading includes buy-side interviews, technical insight, regulatory updates, exchange news, pension fund analysis and updates on the most important trends and opinions on the big issues. Whether you are looking for case studies, electronic trading strategies, buy-side technology adoption, algorithmic trading, or new FIX-related technologies across asset classes, there is something for everyone.

Our industry driven Face2Face Electronic Trading Forums bring the domestic and international buy- and sell-side communities, exchange representatives and solution providers together to discuss the latest on electronic trading, FIX, technologies, best practices and regulatory issues at locations across Asia.

With unique online content and downloadable resources, delivers the latest opinions and case studies in the print edition in a free eBook, as well as offering a comprehensive, searchable, downloadable archive of every GlobalTrading issue.

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ATMonitor provides a unique online database of information, independent research, interviews and industry news relevant to all participants in the global securities market.

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 Best Execution

Best Execution – where the buyside and sellside meet. Best Execution reviews the issues that impact the achievement of best execution in the global securities markets throughout the trading lifecycle (from pre-trade to trade execution to post-trade). Increasingly driven by regulation we report on the seismic shifts that are occurring in capital markets across asset classes, with a key focus on the cutting-edge technology solutions and services that are needed to meet these changes.

bobsguide is the trusted online global resource for buyers of financial lT technology. Members utilise to access RSS feeds, industry news & financial technology blogs, research/purchase systems for banks, dealing rooms, corporate treasuries and financial institutions and secure insight and solutions to everyday challenges. 

Our information is independent, constantly updated, accurate and trustworthy. 
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diliger is a disrupting technology helping capital markets and investment professionals buy better and faster.  Our procurement support platform covers systems, market data, infrastructure and securities services.  Underpinned by pre-completed RFIs diliger is developed by industry consultants to support in-depth market and supplier capabilities research against a broad set of requirements criteria.  For buyers, this means greater accuracy of results, reduced expenditure, and faster time to market. For suppliers there has never been such a simple, yet targeted way of relaying information about your full suite of products and services at the exact time buyers require it.

 The Trade

THE TRADE is the leading quarterly publication focused on institutional global securities trading. With a worldwide circulation of 7,000, THE TRADE is sent to named buy-side traders and operational heads of buy-side institutions and their sell-side counterparts. Now in its 10th year, THE TRADE reports on key development areas from crossing and DMA to algorithmic trading and innovation in OMS.  Contact: or Tel: +44 20 7397 3821























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Nordic Trading Briefing

Tuesday 12th May 2015

Berns Hotel, Stockholm


Tuesday 12th May 2015. Berns Hotel, Stockholm

Following the success of the 2014 Nordic Trading Briefing, which brought together 205 senior local market participants, FIX Trading Community will return to Stockholm in 2015. Offering delegates a two-stream agenda focussed on vital issues impacting the Nordic markets, the event will also feature a busy exhibit hall and an post-event networking drinks.

Contact for further information.



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