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Navid Nmc has started a discussion topic titled FIX protocol in MetaTrder 4 9 August 2011 4:13pm
Navid Nmc   Dear my freind Is MetaTrder4 use of FIX Protocol ? If you have any Resource and information about use FIX Protocol in MetaTrader , please send... 9 August 2011 4:13pm
Kseniia Globa   Hello Navid, There is no native support for FIX in MetaTrader 4. Still there is a lot of Bridges provided by different vendors. Feel free to... 9 August 2011 4:57pm
Srivatsa Jagannath has started a discussion topic titled Cameron FIX 22 May 2006 5:18am
Srivatsa Jagannath   Can somebody tell me what is CameronFIX ? 22 May 2006 5:18am
Glenn Cruickshank   > Can somebody tell me what is CameronFIX ? See 22 May 2006 3:19pm
Graham Ernst has started a discussion topic titled FIX training 6 July 2011 12:24am
Graham Ernst   When is the next FIX training session in Hong Kong? I know that NYFIX has led courses in the past. Thank you, Graham 6 July 2011 12:24am
FIX Trading Community   [ original email was from Irfan Syed - ]Graham, I will send you information about NYSE Technologies' (previously NYFIX) next FIX... 6 July 2011 1:08am
Carlyle Gordon has started a discussion topic titled Jobs with FIX version specific requirments 2 July 2011 12:00am
Carlyle Gordon   Am I the only one who thinks that knowledge of a specific version of FIX is really not relevant when evaluating candidates? What I mean is, if a... 2 July 2011 12:00am
Vladimir Kostadinov has started a discussion topic titled FIX 4.4 Multiple sessions 28 June 2011 5:13pm
Vladimir Kostadinov   Hi guys! I'm wondering if there is a way to set up multiple sessions to one fix server. I currently have one session created between both fix server... 28 June 2011 5:13pm
Dale Wilson   The answer to your question is "yes", but since it appears you are using QuickFIX, for details you should ask on the QuickFIX mailing list rather... 29 June 2011 1:28am
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