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Fabio D Freitas has started a discussion topic titled ER when canceling a partially filled order 12 May 2017 4:00am
Fabio D Freitas   When cancel an order I receive an ER with order status CANCELED. If the order is partially filled when I cancel, after receiving the ER with order... 12 May 2017 4:00am
Yemi Oluwi   It should be cancelled, as cancelled order status has a higher precedence than the filled. See OrdStatus precedence list in the ExecutionReport (8)... 12 May 2017 8:03am
Fabio D Freitas   Thank you very much Yemi Oluwi! The Order State Change Matrices were very useful. 13 May 2017 1:43am
Vasile Tofan has started a discussion topic titled Is a time with timezone ("09:10:10Z", "09:10:10+09:00") a valid valid for for constValue in parameter UTCTimeOnly? 5 October 2015 11:20am
Vasile Tofan   In the XML schema definition file the UTCTimeOnly is xs:time, which supports the timezone formats too. >xs:attribute name="constValue"... 5 October 2015 11:20am
Aaron Engel has started a discussion topic titled Is there any way to implement a HH:MM:SS 'duration' field using ATDL? 9 January 2015 6:05pm
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Greg Malatestinic   Ovidiu, Have you tried using the xml schema format for date? E.g. "2010-03-04". The XML Schema files definitely require this format to be used.... 7 April 2015 8:30pm
Scott Atwell   Note also that a FIXatdl implementation should handle converting to/from the appropriate FIX wire value ("20120304") within the FIX message itself,... 7 April 2015 8:40pm
Vasile Tofan   Does anyone know the answer to ? 13 November 2015 2:51pm
Prateek Jain has started a discussion topic titled FIX ATDL : Terms of use governing shipping and extension of XML Schema files 26 June 2014 7:43am
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Prateek Jain   Hi Rick, Thank you for your detailed reply. Just to be sure, I would like to ensure that I have completely understood your reply by clarifying... 27 June 2014 7:22am
Richard Labs   PJ, Before I respond, I need to clarify I'm not an attorney, nor am I able to speak on behalf of FPL. Therefore you can only take my response as... 27 June 2014 11:20pm
Prateek Jain   Hi Rick, Again, thank you for the detailed reply. I have sought legal advice on my situation. Thanks and Regards, PJ 1 July 2014 3:37pm
Andrew Scott has started a discussion topic titled ATDL StrategyPanel layout question 14 April 2014 10:30am
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Dragos Hazi  

I had a similar problem, too. I think that ATDL does not cover the part of how to lay out components within a panel, other then via orientation.... 18 April 2014 7:27am

Greg Malatestinic  

I'd go with the workaround proposed by Dragos. However, there is no line separator control defined inATDL. At the time we defined the standard we... 21 April 2014 5:49pm

Andrew Scott  

Thanks Guys.


I've gone with Dragos' workaround for now, though it definitely is not pretty and makes for some unfortunately... 22 April 2014 3:00pm

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