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Sending Logon

Complete message thread from old site

Prasanna Hegde
23 July 2006 3:07pm


I'm using Appia 4.2 for exchange connectivity where I'm facing couple of problems.
1. For sending Logon to the exchange, I construct a LogonMsg object with appropriate information and call postMiddlewareObject() method of MiddlewareInterface, which it is not working. Instead of logon, if I use operatorCommand("connect some_id"), I'm able to connect. How to send proper Logon message to the exchange?
2. Everyday when I try to connect for the first time, I fail because of Message sequence number proble. In my appia.ini, start_seq_num = 1 in the connection block. Even if I change it to the next number of the previous day's last MsgSeqNum received, I fail to connect. So, everyday I callup the exchange and ask them to reset the seq num, after which I can connect successfully. Is it possible to reset the message seq num with logon message for the first login of the day?

Pls let me know the work around for the above problems.

Javin Paul
30 January 2011 10:51am


for the second problem you can setup EOD job for appia session which will reset the sequence number for next days use.
Some FIX Session related issues are discussed in this link ,check if its useful.