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MatchType (574) Error in Enums

Complete message thread from old site

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12 January 2007 8:03am

[ original email was from Rikard Hedberg - ]
The MatchType (574) field erroneously has been extended with a double set of OMX added enum values. The extention was supposed to add "General Purpose" enum values, not OMX specific ones. The 5.0 specification currently has the following values:

General Purpose
60 - One-Party Privately Negotiated Trade Report
61 - Two-Party Privately Negotiated Trade Report
62 - Continuous Auto-match
63 - Cross Auction
64 - Counter-Order Selection
65 - Call Auction

OMX Order Routing
1 - One-Party Trade Report (privately negotiated trade)
2 - Two-Party Trade Report (privately negotiated trade)
3 - Confirmed Trade Report (reporting from recognized markets)
4 - Auto-match
5 - Cross Auction
6 - Counter-Order Selection
7 - Call Auction

I'm afraid the problem is due to the OMX Order Routing Gap Analysis document where the Data Dictionary section (7) contains a stale list of values (labled as "General Purpose" in 5.0) while the Issues section (3.2.4) has the correct list of values (labeled as "OMX Order Routing" in 5.0).

The numbering using 1-7 is the best convention going forward. I therefore propose that values 60-61 are removed and values 1-7 are assigned the "General Purpose" group name.

Apologies to everyone.