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FIX Enrichment Layer

Complete message thread from old site

Tony M
17 November 2009 3:01pm

At FIX sell side Gateway level (version 4.2), please help me to consolidate a list of Acknowledgement Response Messages which can be suppressed i.e. not send back to Buy Side.
FIX sell side Gateway under different circumstance, communicate either with buy side hub or gateway exclusively.

The 'Suppressing' event is explained as follows:
Buy Side hub has received an new single order (35=D)from end client.
From buy side, 39=A, acknowledgement response, is sent back to end client to same request.

At the same time, Buy side hub send direct the same new single order (35=D) request to Sell side FIX gateway.
Side side FIX gateway accept the new single order request but instead of initaitng 39=A acknowledgement response, suppress it, i.e., do not send it to Buy side hub.

Which rest acknowledgement response can be suppressed at FIX sell side Gateway level.