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OrderType(40) : NewOrderSingle(D)

Complete message thread from old site

Sayamol Petchpraphan
17 November 2011 8:01am

Please provide me some description of these OrdType(40)
5 -Market On Close (No longer used)
6 -With Or Without
7 -Limit Or Better
8 -Limit With Or Without
9 -On Basis
A -On Close (No longer used)
B -Limit On Close (No longer used)
J -Market If Touched (MIT)
K -Market With Left Over as Limit (market order with unexecuted quantity
becoming limit order at last price)
L -Previous Fund Valuation Point (Historic pricing; for CIV)
M -Next Fund Valuation Point (Forward pricing; for CIV)
Z -Special Market

Thanks so much