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The challenges presented by faster trading, new strategies, developments in payment processing, evolving risks and regulations all require real-time insight and management.  Effectively addressing these needs, Velocimetrics sets a new benchmark for operational oversight by delivering uncompromised end-to-end visibility across complex environments, accompanied by performance improving analytics.

Its full-spectrum product suite enables emerging problems to be instantly detected and their root-cause rapidly understood from both a business and technical perspective.  This significantly reduces an issue’s potential impact, whilst also identifying opportunities for on-going performance improvements.  Providing asset class agnostic, highly customisable, agile, open and globally scalable solutions, Velocimetrics prioritises flexibility so it can build the solution that will effectively meet your firm’s specific requirements.

Formed in 2009, Velocimetrics’ world-class financial services expertise continues to attract a growing global client base.  Its sophisticated solutions deliver the level of transparency required to instil confidence and its innovative approach demonstrates the future potential for business flow monitoring and performance analysis tools.

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Brief description: Velocimetrics provides solutions that deliver uncompromised end-to-end visibility and enable a detailed understanding of complex business environments to be achieved

Velocimetrics wrote a new blog post titled Velocimetrics hires Karen McDowell as CFO to support expanding business operations in the group Velocimetrics Member Listing
Velocimetrics, the provider of real-time business performance monitoring and analysis solutions to the global financial community, has appointed Karen McDowell as the company’s new Chief Financial Officer. This appointment comes following the decision earlier this year to open a Velocimetrics technical development office in Wroclaw, Poland and following the expansion of its product line to include the licensing of TS-Associates’ TipOff® and Application Tap® products, to provide on the ground support for its growing US client base from a professional services office in New York...
22 October 2014 8:32am
Velocimetrics wrote a new blog post titled Balancing Desires: Faster Trading, Advanced Strategies and Operational Risk in the group Velocimetrics Member Listing
In a world where successful execution is critically important, the need for speed has been significant in recent years. However, as fast becomes the new 'normal' many firms, keen to retain a competitive edge, are now exploring how they can combine ultra-low latency execution with increasingly sophisticated algorithmic trading strategies. This development is really upping the pressure on trading technology to perform as with greater sophistication often comes increased complexity, with multiple factors impacting decision-making processes. In this environment accuracy is becoming...
19 June 2014 4:06pm
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