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Ignis Asset Management Member Listing

Owner: Ignis Asset Management


[Member Listings are the primary venue for Member firms to showcase their Company within the FIX Trading Community.

You can provide a narrative description of your company here, including the ability to embed rich media such as images or video.

The Member Listings allow people who are interested in your Company to "Follow" it and be updated with anything you post within the Member Listing group. You can modify the settings to either to allow anyone to follow you, or make  it subject to request/approval, or invitation. You can also specify who can see the Member Listing (but bear in mind if you limit it more tightly than "Public" your listing will not appear in the various lists / and views of Members, and will only be visible to the people specified.

You can also set up product specific "Product and Services"listings, providing similar capabilities for each of your offerings, and these can contain meta-data to catalogue them in the "Procuts and Services Vendors" section. If you use the Products and Services listings, we would suggest you include a list of them within this section, and hyperlink text or graphics to the URL of your Products and Services listings, to make navigating between your coprorate listing and your product listings seamless].


Brief description: [Please provide a short description of your company, for display in abbreviated views]


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