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IRESS Limited



IRESS is a principal supplier of share market and wealth management systems in the UK, Australia, Asia, New Zealand, Canada and South Africa.

Our solutions

We produce sophisticated, unified solutions for financial market and wealth management participants across the globe.

Our order management, wealth management and execution systems paired with our connectivity services, comprehensive real time risk and limits engine, gives our clients the power, flexibility and global access they need to manage complex order flow with confidence.

In 2015, IRESS acquired Proquote from the London Stock Exchange (LSE). Proquote provides a multi-venue trading system, market data terminals, risk management and best execution services. The acquisition also included the LSEHub, a FIX order routing business, providing additional coverage, capacity and cross-asset capability to IRESS’ global SmartHub network.

All our solutions tailor to the individual needs of our clients.

Our clients

Our clients include multinational investment banks, asset managers, wealth managers, brokers and traders, ranging from large corporations through to independent operators. We support all financial market and wealth participants who have a need to manage and monitor industry information.

Who we are

We are a forward-thinking, service-based organisation with offices across 5 continents and over 1,400 staff, with 600 in the UK. Located in the centre of the major financial districts, our staff have local knowledge and industry experience. Open channels of communication keep us focused and informed across the entire business.

Our relationships

We strive for excellence in our relationships with clients and industry bodies alike. We are client-driven, responsive and promote a culture that supports working with our customers and the industry to face challenges and keep pace with industry developments.

Amongst our many innovations in development, we are currently working closely with the IPO stakeholders and the FIX community to develop an automated solution.

Brief description: IRESS is a principal supplier of share market and wealth management systems in Australia, Asia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa and the United Kingdom.



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