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EBS BrokerTec (NEX Group)


The FIX 4.4 API offered by EBS BrokerTec provides customers with low-latency connections direct into the smart order router for both trading and market data. Using high-performance architecture, the FIX 4.4 API provides improved platform performance and resilience.

Advantages of the EBS BrokerTec FIX 4.4 API:
• Effortless integration and a direct connection into the smart order router
• Lighter infrastructure footprint and efficient system functionalities
• Centralised post trade repository and market data streaming
• Data centres in London, New York and Hong Kong

EBS BrokerTec FIX 4.4 API functionalities and features:
• Quote attribution for prices recognised by liquidity provider
• Enhanced analysis into individual liquidity provider trends
• Improved fill ratios and accessibility to additional instruments
• Streaming market data

The FIX 4.4 API network provides solutions for hedge funds, retail brokers, high frequency traders and multi-asset managers and is available on EBS Direct and BrokerTec Direct platforms - coming soon to EBS Market.

For detailed information on our FIX protocol network connection and trading enhancements, please contact one of our specialists.

Brief description: EBS BrokerTec is a leading electronic trading platforms and solutions business in foreign exchange and fixed income, now offering a common industry standard FIX 4.4 API for both FX and FI.

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