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FIX4wards Ltd is based in London and provides consultancy and training service solutions to the electronic trading community.

FIX4wards provides a wide range of front-office consultancy services to aid with vendor product selection, system design, implementation or migration, and operational support issues including outsourcing and managed service provision.
We have specialist knowledge in the project management, design, analysis, development, configuration and operational support of FIX protocol integrated trading applications and FIX engines. Our team can help build and support your custom trading solutions.

FIX4wards can also help train your technical and business staff in the use and operation of FIX protocol based applications and FIX engines. We can get your team up-to-speed and make them more effective via the provision of a company customized training class, or through registration on our core training course, FIX Fundamentals, which is run regularly through the year.
The FIX Fundamentals course is designed to provide attendees with little or no previous FIX experience a solid grounding in the use of FIX and the operation of FIX engines, the Session and Application layers, including core order and execution message flows.

Brief description: Electronic Trading Consultancy and FIX Training Services

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