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MDSL is the leading global provider of expense management solutions for the financial services sector. Since 1996, Market Data Manager (MDM) and Telecom Expense Manager (TEM) have become industry standard solutions. MDM alone is used by 18 of the top 25 Tier-One banks. MDSL also now provide trading expense management solutions for the Front Office. Costs such as Order Management Systems (OMS), Execution Management Systems (EMS), network/carrier fees, FIX connectivity, exchange fees etc are difficult to properly reconcile back to the invoices received and to the clients who incurred the costs. This makes client profitability difficult to calculate accurately. MDSL’s Transaction Reconciliation Reporting (TRR) platform assists firms with the management of fixed and transactional costs, vendor contracts, and client and desk profitability to meet today’s demands for transparency, automation and increasingly detailed business reporting – all within a single platform.

Brief description: Trading Expense Management Engine (for OMS/EMS/FIX/ORS/Exchange Fees etc)

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