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FIX Adapted for STreamingSM (FAST ProtocolSM)

In the mid-2000's the Data Representation and Transport Subgroup of FIX Trading Community's Market Data Optimisation Working Group developed a Proof of Concept (POC) project to explore various methods of optimised data representation within the FIX Protocol. The POC's intention was to quantitatively analyse the pros and cons of the various approaches, using multiple market data sample sets.

The sponsors of the Market Data Proof of Concept were as follows:

  • Archipelago Exchange
  • Chicago Mercantile Exchange
  • International Securities Exchange
  • London Stock Exchange
  • Microsoft
  • Singapore Stock Exchange

FAST Protocol Specification

FAST Reference Code

  • FAST Protocol - Reference Code Reference source code for the FAST Protocol (CODEC and SERDES). This source is provided on an open source basis via the W3C Software License (you will be prompted to accept prior to downloading). C and C# versions are available.

FAST Protocol - W3C Software License

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FAST User Guides

FAST Presentations

FAST Breakfast Briefing - June 27, 2006

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FAST Interoperability Portal

FAST Interoperability Portal
FIX Trading Community provides the FAST Interoperability Portal to assist implementors of the FAST protocol in making sure their implementation will interoperate with other FAST implementations. The site supports FAST 1.1, SCP 1.0, and SCP 1.1. There are two modes the site can be used, the first is via uploading and downloading of templates and unencoded or encoded data files. The second mode is an interactive mode that uses the FAST Session Control Protocols over a TCP/IP sockets connection to test your application.

Proof of Concept Test Results

White Papers

Case Studies

Case Study: CME Group Support for FIX/FAST

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Proof of Concept Data