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Risk Mitigation Symbology Working Group

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The buy-side has proposed an idea to increase the availability of ‘listed’ test / spurious financial instruments in the industry. Original thoughts revolved around the equity front office demands of validating indications of interest (IOI’s), order routing and execution. However, as the FIX Protocol adoption for post-trade matures, increased demand will follow for allocations and if so would therefore require test symbols that can be allocated and cleared without the transfer of monies.

The buy-side would like to expand this effort to other firm types within the FIX Trading Community membership i.e. Broker Dealers, Exchanges, Market Data Vendors etc. The following regional subgroups have been developed:

Risk Mitigation Symbology - North America

Risk Mitigation Symbology - South America

Risk Mitigation Symbology - EMEA

Risk Mitigation Symbology - Asia Pac


Keith Jurczynski Wellington Management Company, LLP Boston, MA, US 617-289-3614

Brief description: Risk Mitigation Symbology Working Group

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